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Healthcare Billing Service Questions

Healthcare Billing Service
Medical Billing Service

At Grapevine Billing, we are happy to answer all your questions by phone or email. Please contact Grapevine to let us know what is on your mind. In the meantime, here are some of the top questions.

Are your systems HIPAA compliant?

Absolutely. We have our own HIPAA compliance officer to review all procedures and verify that Grapevine will always help you meet full HIPAA compliance standards. All online information available to your office is behind top-level encryption software exceeding federal requirements.

What are your costs?

Every practice situation is different. Grapevine Billing customizes procedures to maximize convenience and effectiveness on a per client basis. Therefore, our fees vary. Please contact us to discuss your practice so we can provide pricing.

Do I need to have practice management software or an EMR to use Grapevine Billing?

No. Grapevine Billing will happily customize our information collection systems to exactly your needs.

Does Grapevine need access to my practice management software?

Not necessarily. Clients send us information by the means most convenient to them. We have multiple options.

How do your medical billing results compare to those of other healthcare billing services?

Grapevine provides industry leading results, often increasing cash and decreasing wait times for our clients. We give our clients access to current industry standards and benchmarks for medical billing. Then we provide monthly reports, in part to show you how your practice compares with those benchmarks. Face-to-face (or telephone) consultation is available with those reports.

Can I transfer receivables assigned to an old company to Grapevine?

Yes, this would require an additional fee which would depend on what type of information transfer is required. Whether your software can transfer the data versus a manual data entry, we can accommodate your needs.
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